Renovated Residential Complex Heats up Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen just got a whole lot hotter with Hudsonview Terrace’s newly renovated luxury apartments. Over the past 30 years, Hell’s Kitchen has gone through monumental changes, from one of New York City’s roughest neighborhoods to becoming one of its safest and most fashionable. No residential building in the vicinity better embodies this change than Hudsonview Terrace.

Located at 747 10th Avenue, between West 50th and West 51st Street, Hudsonview Terrace has made a remarkable change from low to high-income tenancy, following its change from previously grungy apartments to its current chic units with luxury finishes. The high-rise was erected in the mid 1970’s and currently has a diverse array of tenants from the old timers who have been there since its inception, to the flurry of young working professionals and recent graduates that flock in droves seeking residence.”The building has come a long way.” Commented property manager Flora Buckley.“But what has been constant through the years is the true sense of community our residents have and that’s rare to find.”

Nearly all of the apartments are renovated with beautifully appointed kitchens and bathrooms, including terraces over-looking the breathtaking NYC skyline in select residences. The building also includes a state-of-the-art fitness center, an onsite laundry room and shared outdoor space. Hudsonview Terrace is located in one of the best school districts in Manhattan, which includes several newly opened elementary schools and top-rated high schools such as Millennium High School.

“The building almost always has close to zero vacancies. Marketing these units and getting high-quality tenants has been easy for me because the owner, property manager Flora Buckley and staff are 100% committed to providing the best living environment for the tenants, so tenants end up staying here for multiple years” said the co-exclusive marketing agent Ike Njoku of the Spire Group.

Hudsonview Terrace’s home neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen is a New York City rags to riches story. Once a hotbed of crime and gang life, the area has reformed itself in the last 30 years into a high quality, secure neighborhood. From 1993 to 2010, crime in the neighborhood dropped 64%, burglaries going down by 85% and car thefts by a tremendous 92%. Today, over 61% of residents are college graduates and over half the population work white-collar jobs, earning an average household income of $125,060. The neighborhood is now a hub of theater and art complexes, trendy restaurants, and unique local attractions.