Be My Roommate: Live on a leafy Fort Greene block with a filmmaker for $1,000

one moment please…Pratt Institute, Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States+ Expand- collaps

one moment please…Pratt Institute, Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States+ Expand- collapse

To help our fellow New Yorkers on their hunt for a good roommate, we present: Be My Roommate. If you’ve got an empty room you’d like to see featured here, get in touch with us at!

Meet Jonathan, a freelance filmmaker who hails from Texas looking for not one, but two roommates to share his huge Fort Greene apartment with. Jonathan has been in NYC for over six years and has always found himself in living collaboratively with folks in oversized spaces (he shared an artist’s loft with eight other people at one point). Now that two of his current roommates are setting out on their own, he’s on the hunt for two new folks to move into their rooms.

This home hits all the right notes; not only is it located in one of Brooklyn’s most coveted neighborhoods, but it’s got some great historic details, it’s blindingly bright and did we mention that it’s gigantic? Believe us, you’d be hard pressed to find such a fantastic room—let alone two—in a 2,000-square-foot apartment at just $1000 a month.

So, what’s he looking for in roommates? “People who are cool, down-to-earth, responsible and fun. I can work some long and odd, random hours so I’m not looking for any drama at the end of the day. Cleaning up after oneself is always important. And a big plus is anyone who is down for dinner parties and movie nights!”

The apartment is a very sunny and spacious 2,000 square feet. In total there are 4.5 bedrooms each with a window; two of the rooms are for rent, one is occupied by Jonathan, and the fourth occupied by another female roommate. The half bedroom is used as a communal workspace/project room and has been host to everything from an indoor winter veggie garden to a sewing room. There’s also a fire escape just outside the kitchen window and rooftop access with views of the Manhattan skyline.

The building itself sits kitty corner to the Pratt Institute on a verdant stretch of Willoughby Avenue.The apartment is located right in the heart of Fort Greene, which means you’ll be close to great bars, restaurants, and cafes such as Brooklyn Public House, Bar Bolinas, Dick & Jane’s, Putnam’s, Roman’s, Dino, Walter’s, Colonia Verde, Cardiff Giant, Martha, Aita, Madiba, and Peck’s. The Pratt Sculpture Garden is also just across the street, Fort Greene Park a few blocks away, and Saturday’s Brooklyn Flea is a five-minute walk from the house.

More about Jonathan and the home…

What do you do for a living?

Jonathan: I’m a freelance filmmaker—a director/editor—who works from home about half of the time, specializing in commercials and music videos. I enjoy what I do very much because every new job presents completely new challenges in which I have to brainstorm for new and unique solutions. It’s a lot of fun.


Jonathan: When not working, I like to write/record/listen to music, or unwind with a good movie or TV show. I’m very much into photography—if it isn’t obvious from all my art and photo books around the apartment. I also definitely enjoy cooking, whether for myself or for small dinner parties with friends. And on a good day you’ll find me in Fort Greene Park soaking up the sun with a good book in hand.

What are some of your favorite things about the neighborhood?

Jonathan: One of my favorite things about Clinton Hill/Fort Greene is the sort of small-town, community vibe, where you meet people around the neighborhood and they remember your name. It’s quiet and relaxed, but kind of in the center of Brooklyn so it’s an easy 15-minute train or cab ride to the city or to any other cool parts of Brooklyn you may want to visit, whether that’s Williamsburg, Bushwick, or Prospect Heights. It’s also very diverse, friendly, and charming, so it feels funky and cool without ever being too hip or corporate or overpriced. It’s got everything you’d want, from great restaurants and bars to grocery stores and a cool park. When I don’t have to work in the city I pretty much never leave the neighborhood for anything. Also in the neighborhood I frequently see homey, communal stuff like this being given away:

It’s a bit of a hidden gem, so I should shut up now to keep it that way.

What kind of roommates are you looking for?

Jonathan: Being responsible, clean, and non-dramatic is critical. But apart from that, I also seek out people that are fun, have a sense of humor, are down-to-earth and easy to communicate with. I don’t go for serious/sensitive personalities. Also I like to cultivate or sort of family atmosphere, and live with people that are interested in hanging out when there’s time—have some friends over for a movie night or small dinner party kind of thing.







Price: Each room is $1,000/month + utilities (ranging from $45-65/month). Rooms don’t come furnished. Room #1 is available next month, October 1st; Room #2 will be available December 1st. Location: Willoughby Avenue at Hall Street, across from the Pratt Institute Size: A sunny 13 feet by 13 feet with lots of storage (large closet with two big overhead alcove storage spaces). The apartment measures about 2,000 square feet overall with a total of 4.5 bedrooms. There is one other roommate and the half-bedroom is a small, shared workspace. Transportation: G train is about two blocks away. C train is a 10 minute walk, and BDNQR is a 20-25 minute walk. Other perks: Rooftop access, friendly neighbors, great quiet location that is still only a brief distance away from the big city life. Short walk to Fort Greene Park. Lots of great restaurants, grocery stores and laundry just a few minutes away. Contact: Jonathan at me [at] jonathanwing [dot] com (NO BROKERS)




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Be My Roommate: Live on a leafy Fort Greene block with a filmmaker for $1,000 : 6sqft